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Sudha Dairy :

The Patna Dairy Project (P” D P) was launched on October 1, 1981, by the NDDB (National Dairy Development Board). NDDB awarded Patna Dairy Project (PDP) to Vaishal Patliputra Dugdh.Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd.(VPDUSS) with effect from 1st July 1988. The Company is ISO-9001:2000 and HACCP (IS-15000) certified by the Bureau of Indian Standards in March 2002.

The Bihar State Milk Co-Operative Federation Ltd. (COMFED)was established in 1983 as the implementing agency of the Operational Flood (OF) program of dairy development on the “Anand” pattern in Bihar. All the operations of erstwhile Bihar State Dairy Corporation were handed over to COMFED.

By the end of Operation Flood in March 1997, there were five Milk Producers ’Cooperative regional unions comprising 18 Bihar districts. The dairy development work continued and at present, there are eight district-level milk unions covering thirty-three districts of Bihar. Confed develops the districts first in terms of dairy development coupled with capacity development of milk producers to shoulder broader responsibilities and then hands over the entire operations to the representatives democratically elected by the milk producers.

Confed is serving the consumers of Jharkhand also and there are three dairies at Jamshedpur, Ranchi, and Bokaro. These dairies are serving a good number of towns and cities of Jharkhand in Ranchi, East & West Singhbhoom, Hazaribagh, Gumla, Khunti, Palamu, Lohardaga, Bokaro, Dhanbad, Giridih, etc. Sudha Milk and some products are now available in Delhi/NCR region and Uttarakhand also apart from a number of towns and cities of U.P. and West Bengal.

The Farmer Training Center in Patna, Barauni, and Begusarai trains dairy producers and community workers in various forms of dairy production, pure milk production, community service, intrauterine insemination, etc.

SUDHA Brand is a leader in making pure milk and dairy products and ensures that esteemed customers receive a fair price as well as product.

Franchise knows how:

To avail of, Equipment Purchase Support amount all the Visicoolers and Deep Freezers should be branded.

Anyone with a very small financial base and good business skills can become or become a franchisee requires very little investment and operating capital.

Specialized sales margins are provided to buyers, store opening accessories, equipment purchase accessories, free product markers, etc. to kickstart the franchisee.

All recurring costs such as labor costs, electricity costs, store rentals, etc. would be borne by the franchisee out of the gross retail margins earned.


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