Amul Brand

Amul Dairy Franchise:

Amul Dairy Franchise Requirements:

Location: The first requirement that needs to be met is to get an outlet space or area. An individual requires an area of 100 to 300 square feet or more to be eligible for an AMUL Dairy dealership. Staff: At the very least, one member is required to run a Dairy outlet. The person needs to be trained in how to operate the machinery and also how to interact with the customers.

AMUL Dairy Franchise Cost:

An investment of 1.50 to 6.00 lakh rupees is required to become an owner of an AMUL Dairy franchise. Apart from that, a franchise fee of Rs. 25,000 or Rs. 50,000 also has to be paid by a franchisee to the company depending upon the size of the unit being opened.

If someone wants to open more than one unit, then the cost of investment can increase up to 1 or 2 crore rupees. It can also range from 2 to 3 crore rupees depending on the location and the city of the store.

Other than that, the company helps with promotions, setting up the milk vending machine and equipment.

To purchase the Dairy Ice cream Parlor Franchise, you have to generate a Security Deposit of Rs.25000. It has different types of franchises to sell. One has to pay about Rs 2 lakhs for an Outlet, Railway Parlor, or Kiosk. In this case, Rs 25,000 is the non-refundable brand fee, Rs 1 lakh is used for repairs and 75,000 rupees are used for equipment.

For the Ice-Cream Scooping Parlor- there is an investment of Rs 5 lakh which is including the brand fee of Rs 50,000, repairs of Rs 4 lakh, and Rs 1.5 lakh of equipment.

Type of the format
Prebuilt Shop Reqd. (In sqft)
Investment by the franchisee
Avg. Returns on MRP
Amul Preferred Outlet/Amul Railway Parlour/Amul Kiosk
100 - 150
Rs 2.00 lacs (approx).

Break up = Non-Refundable Brand Security - Rs 25,000 / Renovation - Rs 100,000 (approx.) / Equipments - Rs 70,000 (approx.) plus incidental cost.

Pouch Milk – 2.5%, Milk Products - 10%, Ice Cream - 20%
Amul Ice-Cream Scooping Parlour
Rs 6.00 lacs (approx.)

Break up = Non-Refundable Brand Security - Rs 50,000 Renovation - Rs 4,00,000 (approx.) Equipments - Rs 1,50,000 (approx.) plus incidental cost.

All Visicoolers and Deep Freezers should be Amul Branded to avail equipment purchase support amount.

About 50% on recipe based ice cream scoops / sundaes / floats / shakes / baked pizzas / sandwiches / cheese slice burger / garlic bread / hot chocolate drink (Amul Pro).
For pre-packed ice creams the margin would be 20% approx.
These ice cream parlours will also sell other Amul products where the margins will be to the tune of 10%.

Anyone with a very small capital base and good business acumen can become our franchisee. It requires very little investment and working capital.

We also provide additional retail margins, exclusive consumer offers, store inauguration supports, equipment purchase supports, free brand signage etc.

All recurring expenses such as employee cost, electricity charges, shop rentals etc. would be borne by the franchisee out of the gross retail margins earned.

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